BOP Engineering Viton® Seal vs. Counterfeit / Imitation Seal

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Helix continues to the edge of
sealing lip to match with other seal



Helix does not run to edge and is
poorly formed with thick flash

Molded sealing lip flash line is
above and away from sealing lip

There is no definitive sealing lip
shaft runs against uneven flash

OD of seal is very clean
with no offset between halves

OD of seal has very uneven flash
Pronounced offset between halves

Special form on end of lip prevent
opening split from crank drag

Metal Insert is spring steel -can't be
deformed. Seal material hardness is
80 IRHD, perfect for oil sealing

Seal ends are poorly trimmed and
have incorrect form

Metal Insert is mild steel -easily deformed.
Seal material hardness is 50 IRHD too
soft for oil seal (hardness of CV boots)

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