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How to build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8's

Today's Pontiac enthusiast has a wide range of factory and aftermarket components to choose from, and in How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s, all the critical components are reviewed in great detail. The book by Rocky Rotella includes honest advice on the proper way to modify components for optimal power and durability. The book also gives readers an assessment of the many aftermarket accessories offered for these great engines, and shares the capabilities such parts bring with them. Additionally, high-performance engine buildups are completed and the results are shared. If you're considering building a traditional Pontiac V-8 engine for increased power and performance or even competitive racing, this book is a critical component to achieving your goals.

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How to build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8's (MPP121)...$24.95


How to Rebuild Pontiac V-8's
by Rocky Rotella

Under the guidance of Semon "Bunkie" Knutson, John DeLorean, and a host of creative and innovative people, Pontiac established its own identity and distinct V-8 engine platform under the GM banner. In 1955, Pontiac's V-8 started out at a meager 287 cubic inches, but it was an auspicious beginning to an illustrious line of engines. The potent powerplant grew and evolved over the coming decades, which included the 389 Tri-Power, 421, Ram Air IV 400, 428, and the Super Duty 455. These V-8s powered a number of legendary cars - the GTO, Firebird, Trans-Am, and many others. This Workbench series book will guide proud owners who will rebuild these engines and give them a new lease on life. Long-time Pontiac expert and magazine writer Rocky Rotella guides the reader through the entire rebuild process. Drawing on his vast experience, Rotella uses detailed captions and explanatory photos to show each crucial step of the disassembly, inspection, machine work, parts selection, assembly, and break-in process. The book instructs the reader how to skillfully pull the engine and prevent damage to the car. It documents how to carefully inspect the components for problems and fix these issues that could spell doom for a newly rebuilt engine. The book discusses finding a reputable and professional machine shop that specializes in Pontiac engines, as well as aftermarket parts and OEM parts interchange for high-performance, so you can select the best parts for a particular engine. All essential machine shop procedures are covered in detail. Inspection and pre-assembly are thoroughly explained.

Most importantly, the methodical and practical approach provides the insight and vital information required for the task, as with all Workbench series titles. This, the first-ever book dedicated to rebuilding the Pontiac V-8 engine, is a valuable addition to any Pontiac enthusiast's library.

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How to rebuild Pontiac V-8's (HRP120)...$19.95


How to build Max-Performance Oldsmobile V-8's

The traditional Oldsmobile V-8 powered some of the most memorable cars of the muscle car era, from the 442s of the '60s and early '70s to the Trans-Ams of the late '70s. These powerful V-8s were also popular in ski boats. They have found a new lease on life with the recent development of improved aftermarket cylinder heads, aggressive roller camshafts, and electronic fuel injection. Anyone considering use of an Oldsmobile V-8 to power their ride will save time, money, and headaches by following the clear and honest advice offered in How to Build Max Performance Oldsmobile V-8s. Plenty of full-color photos and step-by-step engine builds showcase exactly how these engines should be built to deliver the most power per dollar.

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How to build Max-Performance Oldsmobile V-8's (MPO118)...$24.95


How to Build Max-performance Buick Engines

How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines is the first performance engine book ever published on the Buick family of engines. This book covers everything from Nail-heads of the '50s & '60s, the later evolutions of the Buick V-8 through the '60s & '70s, through to the turbo V-6 of the '70s & '80s. The most up-to-date information on heads, blocks, cams, rotating assemblies, interchangeability, and oiling-system modifications, along with details on the best performance options available and avenues for aftermarket support. 144 pgs, 324 color photos. MPB115 How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines Book $24.95

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How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines (MPB115)....$24.95

Hi Performance Pontiacs 1955-1974

  • Covers all the best years of Pontiac's 1955-1974
    Firebird, the GTO and the Trans-Am.
  • Covers all the other performance Pontiacs not featured in GTO and Firebird books.
  • 128 pages, 100 color photos and 200 black and white photos.

Wide Track. Trans-Am. Bonneville. Tri-Power. Grand Prix. GTO. Firebird. Such names are legendary in performance circles. Now there’s a book that finally covers them all. High-Performance Pontiacs: 1955-1974 covers in detail all of Pontiac’s performance models from the late ‘50s through the early ‘70s and the end of the muscle car era. In addition to extensive coverage of GTOs and Firebirds, special emphasis is placed on rare performance models that are outside the GTO/Firebird mainstream. Text covers production figures, performance information, how the cars were marketed, and info on how the cars stacked up against the
competition. Each chapter contains sidebar charts showing production figures, engine options and their horsepower ratings, and transmissions.

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High Performance Pontiacs (HPP114)....$24.95


How to Build and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors

  • Covers all types of Q-Jets by expert rebuilder Cliff Ruggles
  • Fills the needs of advanced tuners, beginners, and everything in between
  • Includes information on where to get the best parts/kits etc.
  • Not a Q-Jet "Theory" book like many others, but precise information to get your Q-Jet to run better
  • 128 pages, 300 highly detailed color photos by Cliff Ruggles

The Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was found perched atop the engine of many a classic GM performance vehicle. The Q-Jet is a very capable but often misunderstood carb. This book, How to Rebuild and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors, seeks to unveil of mystery surrounding the Q-Jet and show owners how to tune and modify their carbs for maximum performance. The book is a complete guide to selecting, rebuilding, and modifying the Q- Jet, aimed at both muscle car restorers and racers. It includes a history of the Q-Jet, an explanation of how the carb works, a guide to selecting and finding the right carb, instructions on how to rebuild the carb, and extensive descriptions of high-performance modifications that will help anyone with a Q-Jet achieve great performance and/or mileage.

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How to Build and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors (HRQ117)...$24.95



Oldsmobile Muscle Portfolio 1964-1971 Road test

Oldsmobile Muscle Portfolio 1964-1971 Road test, performance and technical data, driving reports, and model intros. Includes information on Jetstar 88, Starfile, Wagon, Delmont, Toronado, Cutlass 4-4-2, W30, W-31, Hurst-Olds, Rallye, Delta, and Royale. 140 pgs., 250 b&w illus. HPP116 Oldsmobile Muscle Portfolio 1964-1971

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Oldsmobile Muscle Portfolio 1964-1971 Road test (OMP116)...$19.95


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